75 Years Ago Today

Pearl Harbor!!

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The Millennial Way

I think I just got one more sign that the Millennials are about to take over.

My grandson is a member of his high school’s varsity swim team.  Each year the team conducts a pre-season fundraiser.  In the past, this was done in the time-honored way. That is, the kid brings home a packet of paper that includes a blurb about the need for funds and envelopes for use in mailing checks to whoever is running the fundraiser.

However, this year was a bit different.  An SMS message from my grandson popped up on my smartphone asking me to “Please visit “http://…” to help our 2016 Swimming Challenge. Thank You.”

No surprise…the link was to one of the many Crowdfunding sites out there on the Internet.  Good thing I’m one of those few old folks who actually know how to use these here computers.

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Election 2016 – Part VIII


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Election 2016 – Part VII

ivoted20161108Today, those of us who are US Citizens get to choose who will sit in the Oval Office for the next four years.  And what a choice it is this time around!  On one hand, if it is indeed true that one POTUS candidate is worthy of indictment and conviction on an endless litany of criminal actions, we may have a “Felon-in Waiting” keeping the seat warm in the Oval Office.  On the other hand, if the other POTUS candidate is indeed an uninformed, bigoted megalomaniac, we may be about to witness “Making America Break.”

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1461 Days

My bionic right hip is four years old today. I had the surgery the day after the 2012 Presidential Election.

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