Silver Bullets

Keep them polished…

Well guess what! Its the weekend and its raining. Planned on mowing the grass today as its no doubt high enough to cause alarm for some of my more fastidious neighbors. Fortunately, I live in an old neighborhood that does not have a formal “homeowners association.”

On another note, as I was sitting around at work yesterday pondering the latest nasty problem (or issue as the more politically correct say) that got dumped on me, the phrase “What do you do when you fnd out all of your remaining silver bullets are tarnished?” popped into my brain. So I started wondering whether this was an original thought or was it something I heard or read before that was stored in my long-term memory. Guess I’ll never know, so I’m going to claim it as original…And add it to HR’s List.

Well, looks,like the rain has ended and the sun is becoming visible again, so guess that’s all for today.

December 7th

A Day That will live in infamy…

December 7, 1941…I worked with a retired Navy guy back in the 1970’s who was actually there.

Verizon surprised me and got the DSL service activated on 2 December. Got it up and running with minimal effort…annd Verizon even managed to retain my old account with email addresses and passwords intact. Guess I have to give them csome credit for a job well done.