This past Sunday, went to the Washington Redskiins/ San Francisco 49ers football game, which the Redskins won by the ridiculous score of 52 – 17.  Our seats at Fedex Field are in the Upper Level, Row 23.  Not quite high enough to require oxygen masks but pretty close.

And, of all things, I got stung in the finger by a Bee!  And now my whole right hand is swelled up as a result!  Guess it wil go away in a couple more days (I hope).

The Dogs

The DogsOne of the dogs (Gunston on the right in the pictue) has a serious illness called “Pemphigus.”   For a while, it looked like he was on the way out, but he is now recovering.   He’s not quite back to normal yet, but hopefully as he gains the weight he lost and the medication keeps working, his health will continue to improve!