Going Up, Part XII

504stephen_2011_06_15_0215 June 2011 – They are putting a permanent patch over the hole that was dug to connect the house to the water, sewer and natural gas lines.  The red truck in the foreground belongs to the tile setters.  With 4.5 baths, the kitchen and a wet bar in the basement, guess there is a lot of tile setting to be done.

504stephen_2011_06_19_01This picture was taken on 19 June 2011. 


Going Up, Part XI

504stephen_2011_06_01_01This picture was taken 01 June 2011.  The house is now up for sale at a bargain price of $1,285,000.

504stephen_2011_06_01_02The dry stack stone work on the front porch continues on.  Maybe it will look impressive when it is finished, but at the time this picture was taken, the dry stack doesn’t look that appealing.  I would much prefer a finished grout-filled look myself.