Going Up, Part XV

I realized that all  of exterior pictures I’ve taken show a front view of the house.  To remedy this oversight, here are a number of pictures taken on 24 July 2011 that show the sides and back of the house.  At the right in this view, you can see the roughed-in support waiting for somebody to build a deck in the future.

This view shows the entrance to the basement.   Note the two air conditioners that service different zones within the house. 

504stephen_20110724-3During the early construction phase, I wondered what purpose this hole next to the basement wall served.

504stephen_20110724-4I finally realized that it’s purpose is to let natural light into the basement.  This is advertised as a feature in the sales brochure.

504stephen_20110724-5This is a view of the landscaping in the front yard.

504stephen_20110724-6You know it’s getting close to completion when finishing touches such as the house number appear.

The Long Hot Summer

temp_103_110729At 12:55 PM today, the thermometer on our deck read 103.5° F (39.7° C). The temperature is now a “tolerable” 98.8° F.  The weather forecasters are predicting a cold front arriving tomorrow with temperatures dropping into the low 90’s.  Guess I better get out the fall wardrobe.

Going Up, Part XIV

18 July 2011 – The lot has been graded and the final landscaping is in progress.  Not much left to be done now other than find someone with $1,285,000 who is looking to buy a new house!

Going Up, Part XIII

Pouring the driveway01 July 2011 – A sign that the construction is just about done…the driveway is going in today.  I suspect it won’t be too much longer until the final grading of the site is done and the sod is laid down.

The finished drivewayHere is the finished product.  It took one work day from start to finish.  And by start I mean they had to tear up the existing driveway apron and adjacent sidewalk, haul away the debris and build the forms before pouring and finishing the concrete.

Happy Birthday

to the USA. 235 years old today!  Another year older and time to ditch the credit cards, bring home the troops and for all three branches of the federal government to start acting like responsible adults.