Post-Op, Day 80

Had my final post-op checkup on my bionic right hip yesterday.  Although I can’t complain about the excellent surgical and medical care I’ve received, it was not as comprehensive as the care I received when my left hip went bionic three years ago.  Maybe this is due to the rising cost of medical care coupled with the shrinking scope of what medical insurers will pay for.  Or maybe it’s just the result of advances in orthopedic surgery and post-op care practices.  However, the end result was the same…the pain is gone and my mobility is back.

Now all I have left to do is lose the six pounds or so I’ve gained since the surgery. 🙁

Post-Op, Day 70

I had my last outpatient physical therapy session this morning.  Progress to date is:

  • I can now tie my shoelaces on my right shoe all by myself
  • I am walking without a cane
  • I have no trouble getting in and out of the car and can drive again
  • My flexibility is increasing, but I still need to use a “Stocking Puller” on my right foot.

The next big event is my third post-op checkup next week.