Homecoming 2013

My Alma Mater’s Homecoming celebration is taking place this week.  Today’s events include the annual Tailgate Party, followed by a basketball game and fireworks.  Today’s weather forecast is for a wintry mix, i.e., mixed freezing rain and snow, with temperatures ranging from the low to mid 30 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Alumni Association and the various colleges and student organizations typically have heated tents where one can go to get relief from the weather.  However, this year, entrance into the tents is limited to those who previously registered and bought tickets.  Unfortunately I am not one of those people.

Too bad the university doesn’t play NCAA football.  if It did, Homecoming would no doubt take place in the fall, when the weather is a bit more accommodating.

Groundhog Day 2013

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today, so we can anticipate an early spring this year rather than six more weeks of winter.  Or can we?

His competitor here in the DC Metropolitan Area.  Potomac Phil predicted six more weeks of winter.

My money’s on good old Punxsutawney Phil.  He’s a lot less “Stuffy” than the competition.