My halfVAST Network

Some collect coins, some collect stamps, others collect junk of all sorts.  I collect computers that have been discarded by others and replaced with newer, shinier stuff.  I fix those that are fixable, configure them as servers, give them some meaningful work to do, and plug them into my half vast local network.

The halfVAST Network
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At this time, there are three servers on the local network: Yunzer, KitchenPC and Piggy.

in his past life, Yunzer was a desktop PC in my daughter’s home office.  Now he is a Linux Server that hosts:

KitchenPC was it’s name implies, a laptop that spent most of its past life in our kitchen.  Now it is a Linux Server hosting SETI@Home. 

Piggy was cobbled together from the remains of do-it-yourself project that suffered from the Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth syndrome.  She is now a Windows 10 Server that hosts a SETI@Home Client and a Netflix application that streams video to an attached Digital TV via HDMI.