Birthday Boys

Me and the grandkid…

It snowed here earlier in the week — ended up with 11+ inches on the ground. And, GMU won the CAA Championship and went to the NCAA tournament. But, as expected, they were blown away in the first round today by Cincinatti. And today is also the GrandKid’s and my birthdays. Hope we both get a lot of presents!

Go Patriots

The old alma mater…

The ISDN is history…the link light went red on Friday, so I guess the “five working days” have passed. The ADSL is still working fine, but the HomeNet broke yesterday — one of my $19.95 special network interface cards died! After procuring a new card (had to spring for $29.95 this time!), the HomeNet is alive and well again.

That’s pretty much it for February 1999. Almost 7:00 PM — time to watch GMU and ODU play for the CAA Basketball Championship Game. Go Patriots!


At the local Telco…

After talking to four (4) different people at Bell Atlantic, I finally managed to get my ISDN service cancelled within the “next five working days.”

Bye Bye

To old technology…

Happy Valentine’s Day. The ADSL is still working fine and, after a bit of hardware and software reconfiguration, all three PCs (Harry, Elwood and Jake) on the HR HomeNet now have Internet access via ADSL. If all remains stable for the next week or so, the ISDN line will become history.


For Internet access, its a good thing…

Unlike a few weeks ago, I can’t say: “If its Tuesday, I must be in Belgium!” Instead I’m here at home waiting for the next step in the ADSL installaton process. If I’m lucky, the Bell Atlantic installer will show up early today and get the service up and running.

Well its 10:30 AM and no installer yet. So much for early AM appointments! Oops, I spoke too soon; someone is knocking at the door! Three trucks out front, three installers at the front door (as it turned out, two were trainees). The ADSL finally came up at around 1:30 PM. Since I already have an ISDN line and had an IP address assigned to it, Bell Atlantic had to give me another IP address for the ADSL (caused lots of telephone calls back and forth to the support center before this all got figured out!). However, all ended well as the ASDL is now working and, as advertised, it is really fast. And best of all, its”instant on” to the Internet — No more dialing numbers and waiting for the connection to get established.