Have more fun, but…

Tuesday, July 30, 2002
Jamboree in the Hills…been there, done that for this year. It was hot and there were too many people. Of course I say this every year and still go back year after year…18 years so far..

Do blonds really have more fun? Latest Blond Joke I heard goes something like this:

Three pregnant women were discussing the moment of conception. The redhead says” I was on the bottom, so I’m going to have a boy!” The brunette says: “I was on top, so I’m going to have a girl!” The blonde starts crying. The other two ask: “What’s wrong?” The blond replies: “I’m going to have puppies!”


Next weekend…

Its been a while since I last made an entry, so guess I better say something profound! So, here it is: “There’s always someone ahead of you in the dumb line!”

Next weekend, we’re going to the “Jamboree in the Hills” in St. Clairesville, OH, which is right across the border from Wheeling, WVA. Been doing this since 1983. Its always the third weekend in July.