367 Days

click to see larger image My bionic left hip is is one year and two days old today.  And I just got back from my one-year checkup.  The X-Ray shows all the metal is still in same position as last year, which is a good thing. 

Got the X-Ray taken, waited about 20 minutes for doctor, who spent about five minutes with me, followed by another 20 minutes waiting to get a copy of the X-Ray. 


You can can’t see this on YouTube from here as it has been tagged as private and is no longer available for public viewing. but I initially posted it here too as it brings back memories for me of back in the day.

Sign of the Times

A friend my mine from Morgantown, WV told me about this picture.  It shows a runaway truck ramp on I68 near Cheat Lake, which is about 10 miles east of Morgantown.

The picture has been “photoshopped” to sum up Toyota’s current problems in 25 words or less.

Note: click on the thumbnail to see the full size image.


The temperature has been in the 50’s (Fahrenheit) for past few days.  The snow banks are receding, the crocuses are blooming, the birds are singing, clocks get set to DST this coming Sunday, and last, but certainly not least, my allergies are back.  I guess Spring is on the way.