1133 Days

My bionic left hip is 1133 days old today. I usually walk at least four miles or more per day so that’s another 1400+ miles on it over the past year or.  It is still going strong, but I think my natural born right hip might be on the way out.  I’m hoping it will hold on until fall.  Summer is definitely not the season to break in a new bionic hip.

The Tree

This stump is all that was left of the Maple Tree that stood in our front yard these many years.  Hated to see it go, but it was time.  The tree had been dying from the top down for a while and was too close to the house to risk having all or part of it fall on the roof.

Once the tree was down, the next step was to grind out the stump.  But first, Miss Utility had show up and plant those small colored flags that map out the  natural gas ,  water , and  sewer lines .  Shortly after that occurred, the stump was turned into mulch.


The mulch produced by the stump grinder is being put to good use as ground cover under the pine trees bordering the right side of the front yard.


Here’s a “before” picture.

April 2012

The First of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year. Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. (Mark Twain)

The 15th of April is the day that I, along with a number of other fools, have to send way too much money to the US Government.

And the 25th of April is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand, and a number of other places in that part of the world..  I once had the honor of spending ANZAC Day in the Fortune of War