The Derecho

Nor’Easters, and Snowmageddons (and various tropical storms, hurricanes and the occasional tornado) have all paid us visits over the years, but this was our first Derecho.  It left a massive amount of downed trees and power lines in its wake, causing wide-spread, prolonged power outages.  Unfortunately, it also caused intermittent failures in a number of local 911 Emergency Telephone Call Centers.  And some of the local Water Utilities issued warnings for residents and businesses to boil tap water before drinking it or using it for cooking.

We were without power for about 12 hours and had to boil tap water for two days.  Our daughter and son-in-law were among the fortunate few who did not lose power, so we packed up the dogs and fled to their place, which in addition to having power and a working air conditioner, has a pool.

The pictures show what the Derecho did to some of the trees in our backyard…and an “Inspector Dog.”