New Look

I’ve been meaning to figure out how to use WordPress widgets to make administration of the site’s sidebar contents a little easier. Well, today I finally burned a few brain cells and after much trial and error, figured out how to work with widgets…and actualy wrote a new one myself. The really neat thing about widgets is that once you get them working, you can switch your site to another theme and the widgets keep on trucking…they are reusable in the true sense of the word 😉

And, I’ve also been meaning to update the site’s look and feel for a long time now, so did that too. I’m using a theme called Barthelme, which was originally done by a fellow named Scott Wallick. I’ve made a few minor tweaks to it to meet my needs but what you see here is basically the result of Scott’s fine work. It is a very well designed theme and a big thanks to Scott for making it available to all via the GPL. You can learn more about Scott here.

Let me know what you like (or dislike) about the new look here at HR’s halfVAST Blog.


4 thoughts on “New Look”

  1. Yes! I like this! I like this very much. Right now, I am talking about the ability to comment in your blog. I am typing wildly before you change your mind and turn it off!

    The new look is great.I like the simple clean white look.I am looking for something for mine, too, that is simple, as well. Something that makes it easy to read, doesn’t interfere.

    I have Akismet Spam catcher in my WP blogger. In a couple of months, it has caught over 775 pieces of spam! I have retrieved only one real comment from its grasp. So, if you don’t have that, might want to plug it in. Plus, I have Counterize which is kind of fun.

    I need to clean my site so it is also valid XHTML and CSS. Good grief, Harry, you are validating strict! Wow! How about accessibility?

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