It’s All Out There Someplace!


Stuff really does stay out there on the Internet forever.  I found an article that had some quotes by me from way back in 1994.  The article was about the “new” V.34 high speed modems (28.8Kbps). 😉

Still the Ace

Gunny the Ace

Last year around this same time I did a post about
The Ace
.  Well, I’m happy to report that he has not lost his touch.  So far this year the tally is two (2) squirrels, three (3) chipmunks and about four (4) field mice.

Redskins 2007

I have season tickets for the Washington Redskins. Yesterday was the opening game of the 2007 season (Redskins won in overtime 16-13).

One thing that I noticed during the game was that there were no periodic updates given on the scores of other NFL games as has been been the practice in past years.

I wondered why this was and think I’ve figured it out. I suspect this is the reason. If this is indeed why, it’s a pretty tacky move on the part of the Redskins organization.

And, of course the price of beer went up again this season…$8.00 for a 12 ounce cup of beer.

The Doggies Get a Door

The “Terrible Terriers” can now come and go as they please, thanks to their new doggy door. No more whining, barking or scratching at the door to get Mom or Dad’s attention when they want to go outdoors. The picture below was taken while they were supervising the construction of the new door.gunpig070901.jpg

The hired help working on the door.

Ready for the finishing work.

The finished product.

Testing with “crash dummy dog.”

Live test…it works.

There goes Gunny!