Jury Duty

Jury Duty SummonsOn the 28th of October, I received a summons to report for Jury Duty at the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.  I was to be “on call” for a two week period running from 10 November 2006 through 24 November 2006.

To find out whether you had to report to the Courthouse, you had to call a 1-800 number after 6:00 PM and enter your Juror ID Number. You were either told to report to the Courthouse on a particular day or were given a date to call in again.  On Friday, November 10th, I was instructed to be present in the Jury Assembly room at the Courthouse no later than 8:45 AM the following Monday or bad things would happen to me.  So on Monday, off I went.

So, Monday, I, and about 75 to 100 or so other upstanding citizens who reside in the US Court’s Eastern District of Virginia appeared in the Jury Assembly Room.  If course everybody was really “happy” to be there to do their civic duty, especially the poor guy who had to drive 73 miles one-way to get there.  I was fortunate in that I could take the DC Metro from Vienna to the King Street Station in Alexandria and take a 10 minute walk to the courthouse.

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