Going Up, Part III

504stephen_110315_01 March 15th and 16th were spent preparing the garage and basement for the pouring of their concrete floors.  For the garage, a large part of this was dumping fill to bring the floor to ground level.  For the basement, this included the plumbing for the water supply, the sewer drains and the sump pump.

504stephen_110316_01This is a view of the garage floor prepped for the concrete pour and finishing.

504stephen_110316_02This is a view of a portion of the basement floor prepped for the concrete pour and finishing.

504stephen_110317_02On March 17th, the garage floor was the last pour of the day.  The concrete pumper was here earlier in the day to pour the basement floor.

The following pictures were taken after the end of the work day on March 17th.  They show the finished basement and garage floors.  The roughed in plumbing for the sewer drain, sump pump and water supply are also visible.

504stephen_110317_06Note that all the roughed in plumbing is PVC rather than copper or cast iron. 

504stephen_110317_05This view shows the basement below-ground entrance. The depressions in the floor are footers for support beams.

504stephen_110317_04This is the sewer drain ready to be hooked up to the town’s sewer system.  Look closely and you can see a wire running along the drain pipe.  Since the pipe is PVC  rather than cast iron, the wire provides a magnetic source to locate the drain pipe once the trench is filled in.


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Going Up, Part II

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504stephen_110305_01At 8:30 AM on March 5th, a crew showed up and started putting the forms for the basement walls in place.  It took about 1.5 days for all the forms to be put in place and ready for the concrete pour.

504stephen_110308_01Early in the morning on  March 8th, the Concrete Pumper Truck was back in action again as was a herd of Concrete Mixer Trucks. 

504stephen_110308_03A steady stream of Concrete Mixer Trucks pulled up to the pumper as the pouring  of  the basement walls proceeded. 

504stephen_110308_04The pouring of the basement walls was done before noon.  This included the finishing work such as putting in the anchor bolts for the house framing. I donít know how many truckloads of concrete were used.  I stopped counting after six.

504stephen_110311_01 Here are some pictures of the finished product.  The forms were taken off and hauled away early this week.  And then the rains came so not much else has been done.  I think the plumber is up next to hook up the sewer lines and install a sump pump.  Sump 504stephen_110311_03pumps are more or less standard equipment in all houses both old and new in this area. 

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Going Up, Part I

Note: click your pointing device (usually a mouse) on the thumbnails below to view a full size image.

Yesterday morning , the last load of dirt was hauled away and shortly thereafter, the excavator was loaded onto a flatbed trailer and hauled away.  Around noon, a crew showed up and began building forms for the basement footer. 

504stephen_110304_02Around 7:30 this morning, a Concrete Pumper Truck appeared.  A short while later,  Concrete Mixing Trucks showed up and the crew started pouring concrete.

504stephen_110304_01I donít now exactly what time they finished  the basement footer, but by 11:30 AM, all activity had ceased

504stephen_110304_03Here is a picture of the footer.

504stephen_110304_04Shortly after noon, a truck showed up and unloaded the forms for the basement walls.

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