Lazy Day

The weather is great here this morning. The temperature is 78° F and the humidity is 54%, which is unusual this time of year. It is usually in the high 90’s with unbearable humidity this time of year.

I’m sitting on the deck watching the two Jacks running around the back yard keeping our little piece of the world safe from rampaging squirrels and other miscellaneous small rodents.

I’m typing this on my trusty Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop running on battery power…and hoping the battery doesn’t burst into flame. My battery is not on Dell’s recall list so maybe I’m just being paranoid!

I just published a new “About HR” page which is probably too long and too boring for most to read, but it’s there if you have the stamina to slog through it.

Well, that’s about it for now…the battery is running low and I have a bunch of stuff to get done today…see you all later.

Have a nice day in your part of the world…