Post-Op, Day 70

I had my last outpatient physical therapy session this morning.  Progress to date is:

  • I can now tie my shoelaces on my right shoe all by myself
  • I am walking without a cane
  • I have no trouble getting in and out of the car and can drive again
  • My flexibility is increasing, but I still need to use a “Stocking Puller” on my right foot.

The next big event is my third post-op checkup next week.

The Treadmill – Part II

Well, I made the big decision.  I got another treadmill.  After saying goodbye for the last time to my old treadmill at the local dump, I stopped at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store on the way back home.  My initial intention was to see what they had to offer in the way of treadmills and ellipticals, and to get some idea of how much a replacement was going to cost me.

I should have known better!  By the time I left the store I was the proud owner of a Horizon Model T500 Treadmill.  After looking at both the treadmills and ellipticals, I decided a treadmill was a better choice for me since I already have a stair-stepper and an upper body exercise machine.

As with most mechanical things one buys today, the treadmill came in a big box that weighed about 250 pounds with various parts, nuts and bolts, and a manual containing assembly instructions all neatly packaged in clear plastic bags labeled with “Treadmill Assembly for Dummies” instructions.  Actually I have to give the manufacturer credit.  The assembly instructions were simple and easy to understand, and there were no missing parts, nuts or bolts.  And I actually got it assembled in a reasonable amount of time and had no problems along the way.

So, now I guess I am now an expert at both disassembly and assembly of treadmills. 😉

One sign of the times: My old treadmill’s label said “Made in the USA.”  The label on the new one says “Designed in the USA, Made in China.” 🙁

The Treadmill – Part I

After many years of faithful service, my treadmill self-destructed a few days ago.  This was not entirely unexpected on my part, as it was so old, I can’t even remember when or where I got it.  It had been chugging along at 4.5 miles per hour for 35 to 40 minutes a day, five days a week for a long time.

The treadmill was in the basement and weighed about 200 pounds or so.  No way I was going to lug it up the stairs and get it into my pickup truck for a trip to the local waste disposal facility (aka “The Dump”).  So, I had to disassemble it piece by piece and cart the individual pieces up the staris and into the back of my pickup.  I am now an expert at treadmill destruction. 😉

Now I was faced with a decision.  Should I buy another classic treadmill or should I listen to the hype and buy an elliptical instead?