Out With The Old

I’ve had season tickets to George Mason University basketball games since the Patriot Center  opened it’s doors in 1985.  Back then, Navy was still a member of the CAA and had a guy on their team named David Robinson .  The CAA Championship Tournament for the 1985-1986 season was held at the Patriot Center with Navy  winning over GMU in the championship game.  This was the one and only time the Patriot Center has hosted the CAA Championship Tournament.  I was there and so was the scoreboard in the picture.

After over 25 years of faithful service, the scoreboard has retired.  Its successor is this rookie that first saw action at the George Mason versus Old Dominion game on 4 February 2012.  It gave a solid performance, with the exception of occasionally getting confused over the foul count per player as GMU defeated ODU 54-50 to retain a share of first place in the CAA.  

Snow Day

click here to see larger imageWe had our first snowfall of the season here in the DC area yesterday.  It wasn’t much – only about 2 inches or so.  But, as usual, panic set in and schools were closed, most events of any significance were canceled, grocery stores had record sales of bread and milk, and the local news media hyped it as the "storm of the century." 

During the early hours of the morning today, we had a weather event that is much more typical for the DC area – freezing rain that left everything covered with a nice coating of ice.  And of course, this elevated the panic to the next level.

But the panic is subsiding now as the temperature rises, the ice is melting and the bread and milk supply lines are opening up!

Fortunately for me, the one event that didn’t get canceled was the basketball game between the George Mason University Patriots and the University of Delaware Blue Hens.  So I ventured out into the storm and saw the Patriots win 78 to 55.  They are 10-0 on their home court so far this season and their overall record to date is 15-5.



Last night the George Mason University’s men’s basketball team lost to Virginia Commonwealth University in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) championship game. They came close to winning the game and going to the NCAA Tournament again this year, but lost in the final minutes. Not bad for a team that was seeded sixth. And they had to beat the number two and three seeded teams to get to the final.