The Rabbit and the Ring – Part II

The neighbor kids rabbit was running amok again today. So once more into the breech I went. Using my recently acquired rabbit-wrangling skills, we herded the little guy into a corner of the neighbor’s backyard and threw a dirty sweatshirt of mine over him. Lucky for me, I picked him up by the end that doesn’t bite and into the cage he went.

And, this time, prior to engaging the elusive hare, I took off my ring and put it in a safe place…right next to my recently acquired metal detector!

I hope he never gets loose in my backyard…the “Terrible Terriers” would run him down in a “New York Minute” and make an appetizer out of him.

The Sign…

Yesterday morning, a crew appeared and erected this sign in the front yard of the new house next door. A few hours later the builder’s site supervisor showed up and said the sign was being removed. The town had called the homeowner and informed him that the sign was illegal and had to be removed; otherwise he would be subject to a fine.

The wheels of the town’s bureaucracy seldom turn this rapidly…I suspect that one of the neighbors called and complained about the sign.

Update -August 31… at 1430 local time today, the sign was taken down.