The Reconstruction

A month or so ago, I made a blog entry about the water damage to our basement bathroom and the collateral damage incurred during the plumbing repairs.  I’m now happy to report that the collateral damage has been repaired and that our homeowner’s insurance did indeed cover over 90% of the cost of the repairs.


The hole in the bathroom wall is now gone and new vanity lights, a new medicine cabinet (behind mirror), sink and vanity have been installed.  The bathroom walls and ceiling have been repainted and the old ceiling fan/light has been replaced.

bbr091002The outer wall has been repaired and repainted.  Note that this time an access panel has been installed to provide access to the drain system without having to cut through the wall.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Three very expensive visits by a plumber have resulted in fixing multiple failures in the water supply and drainage system of the bathroom in our basement.
Problem #1The first problem was a pinhole leak in the cold water supply to the sink. Of course the supply line ran behind the wall so this "repair" resulted collateral damage to the wall.  The section of pipe with the pinhole leak has been cut out and replaced.
Problem #2The second problem was a leaky shut-off valve in the cold water supply.  The valve has been replaced as has the sink’s faucet and all associated plumbing.
Problem #3The third problem was a leak in the sink drain-pipe.  You can’t see it in this picture, but when water is running down the sink drain, there is a slow leak dripping down behind the wall.
Problem #3 fixThe plumber had to cut a hole in the outer wall of the bathroom to fix  multiple leaks found in the sink drain.

I wonder what the odds are for multiple concurrent failures in the same "subsystem" of a house’s plumbing?  It almost seems like these were carefully planned premeditated events!  Or maybe part of a government initiative to stimulate the economy by increasing the demand for plumbing services, i.e., the plumbing industry’s equivalent of the current government-funded  "Cash for Clunkers" program for the automotive industry.

Next up is a visit by my homeowner insurance company’s claims adjuster.  I bet that will be a fun time.

Hot on the Left…

There is an old saying about the depth of knowledge one must have to become a plumber that goes something like this…

“Hot on the Left, Cold on the Right, and Crap Flows Downhill”

Right now, there are two plumbers in our basement installing a new set of laundry tubs. I sure hope that their plumbing knowledge and skills are way beyond the basic requirements stated above… 🙂