Stickers and Plates…

Some new neighbors moved into the rental house a few doors down four months or so ago. They have twin girls about seven years old and are expecting a new baby in November. They are friendly and get along with others in the neighborhood.

But, like all else in life, there is one thing about them that I really do not like. They have three vehicles…and all have expired State Inspection Stickers! And one has expired license plates. In addition, two of the three vehicles are inoperable. They haven’t moved from where they initially appeared weeks ago…the curb in front of their house…and part of their next-door neighbor’s house.

They are breaking the law and they may even be driving an unsafe vehicle that could bring harm to them and/or others.

So what does one do about this:

  • report them to the appropriate authorities?
  • confront them about the issue?
  • nothing?

What would you do?