The Button

Happy Birthday USA!

flag buttonAs usual, we all went to the local Independence Day Parade yesterday.  And, as usual, the marchers in the parade were handling out candy, business advertisements and the proverbial “vote for me” political trivia.  One group, sponsored by a local business whose name shall remain anonymous, was giving out buttons with Old Glory imprinted on them.  Nice patriotic gesture you think.

But then you notice the not so fine print at the bottom of the button.  And once again you are reminded why here in the Good Old USA regions like the Rust Belt exist.  Many basic industries that had the need for folks to do manufacturing jobs are going the way of the dinosaurs here in the USA.  And with them, a chance at the American Dream is slowly becoming “Mission Impossible” for many. 

Happy Birthday

to the USA. 235 years old today!  Another year older and time to ditch the credit cards, bring home the troops and for all three branches of the federal government to start acting like responsible adults.