Google Helper

VA platesWhen I received the renewal notice from the DMV for registration of my pickup truck, it noted that my current license plates were “10 or more years old” and that I should consider getting new plates. Since my old plates were starting to show their age, it seemed like a good idea to do so.

I then had to make a decision on just what kind of plates I wanted. Virgina is big on vanity plates and personalized messages Their web site has dozens of designs to choose from. After looking though the choices on their web site, I decided I woud just go with the standard issue plates and save myself $20.00 a year ($10.00 for a vanity plate and 10.00 for a personalized message). I was just about ready to click on the submit button to order the plates when I thought “well maybe I’ll compromise and spend $10.00 for a personalized message.” Continue reading “Google Helper”