Post-Op, Day 12

I had my first post-op checkup today:

  • X-Rays showed all the bionic stuff is good to go
  • Removed metal staples from incision and replaced with butterfly bandages
  • Don’t need to wear the  T.E.D. stockings any longer.

There’s one more week of at-home physical therapy left to go and then I switch over to twice-a-week outpatient therapy for about 6 weeks.

Post-Op, Day 5

So far, so good.   I had my right hip replacement surgery on November 7th.  All went well and my hospital stay ended on November 9th.

I’m recovering at my daughter an son-in-law’s house for the next two weeks or so. Two weeks of in-home physical therapy and visiting nurses sticking needles into me have begun.  And last but not least, I’m wearing T.E.D. stockings, which are to say the least, a Royal PITA.