A Tale of Two Hips

hip replacementsAs of 19 April 2021, my left bionic hip has been in continuous service for 4,044 days (12.07 years); my right bionic hip has been in continuous service for 3,085 days (8.45 years).  During recent trips to the orthopedist and a few x-rays later, I got the good news that they are aging gracefully.  Unfortunately, my arthritic knees are not!

1826 Days Ago

Belated Happy 5th Birthday to my bionic right hip.  I had the surgery on the day after the 2012 Presidential Election (Wednesday, 07 November 2012). It’s gone through countless miles on the treadmill and exercise bike along with all of the daily stuff that requires its services.  And it has yet to register any complaints.

Post-Op, Day 37

I had my second post-op checkup today.  All is going well.  Next checkup is in six weeks or so.  In interim, it’s more twice-a-week physical therapy sessions and daily exercises at home.

I’m still using the cane but am becoming less and less dependent on it.  I expect within the next two weeks or so I will be able to put the cane back into retirement.

I’m back on my treadmill now and am gradually increasing the speed and slope to get back to where I was prior to the right hip replacement.

My next big goal is to be able to tie the shoelaces on my right shoe.