The Hat

The Montreal Expos MLB franchise relocated to Washington, DC in 2005 and became the Washington Nationals.

Prior to the start of the National’s first season here in DC, the demand for apparel became so high that common items like baseball caps became hard to find.  I had planned to buy a red home game cap, but settled for a blue away game cap.

The inner lining of the cap has a neat feature: miniature logos of all of the MLB teams, including the now defunct Expos.  And the Nationals logo is not there!

Thursday Night Lights

It’s been said that LED Lights cast an orange glow on their surroundings.  So I decided to run a test to determine whether this is indeed a property of LED lighting.  The result is illustrated below:

As can be seen above, Incandescent Lighting does not have the “orange effect.”

So I guess the question is “Would you mind looking a bit “orange” in order to lower your energy costs?”