Going Up, Part VIII

The rain this past week slowed down progress on the exterior.  But, they did manage to get the roof shingled.

The Drywall was delivered on 22 April



The interior work is moving right along.  The wiring runs and roughed in switch, outlet and and lighting boxes are done.


The Drywall and Mud are ready to go.

504stephen_20110424_04The roughed-in plumbing is done.

504stephen_20110424_05 As is the HVAC duct work.

504stephen_20110424_06 The water heater and furnace are in  place.


And  dual Cat 5 runs for connection of phone, Internet, TV and other media have also been installed


And, in case you didnít notice, all of the insulation has been installed too. 

Hereís a picture of the exterior as of 24 April.


Thatís all for now. More to follow later.